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As I have been looking forward to commencing holding services in the Church Building again my mind went to the time we read about in the Old Testament when Israel re-commenced services in a new tabernacle (a tent) set up for the purpose (1 Chronicles ch’s 16 & 17).

On the first day they sang a new song of thanksgiving –sadly we will not be able to sing in Church at present even when we return in mid-August.  We can, though, still give thanks to God.

David’s song of thanksgiving includes:

  • Worship – Bowing before God in wonder, acknowledging His worth and worthiness giving recognition of the reverence He deserves and the love He has shown),


  • Praise and thanksgiving – including both celebration and bringing thanks


  • Declaring – God’s greatness and acts and purpose


  • Relying on God’s help – to know His way and to live His way – this is a continual process, not restricted to when we suddenly realise we need His help to get us out of a problem or to rescue us from our mistakes rather we are to ‘seek His way always’ v11 even when everything seems fine we are to live in reliance on Him, looking to Him for His strength.

All of these four, worship, praise and thanksgiving, declaration, relying on God’s help, belong together and we should look at them as part of the whole expression of our faith. None of them exist on their own, one without the other would result in a one-side incomplete understanding and expression of faith.

David’s song of thanksgiving comprises excerpts from several of the Psalms 105:1-15, 96:1-13, and 106:47-48.  You might like to look these up and read them alongside 1 Chronicles 16:8-36 and praise God as you do so.

David was not alone in using passages of scripture in writing songs of praise to God and to help us in our worship the praise of God, examples include:

Blessed be your name (Matt Redman), The Messiah (Mozart), The Lord is my Shepherd (Townend), Holy. Holy, Holy (Heber)

You may find it helpful to sit and listen to one of these pieces as you thank God and add your response using the closing words (v36) of David’s song of thanksgiving:

Then all the people said “Amen” and “Praise the LORD.” 

 and remember God’s love endures for ever (v34)


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