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A thought from the Pastor – 28th March 2020

Psalm 121

We are living in troubles times when understandably many people are extremely anxious and fearful for themselves, for their families, for their friends – very few people alive today have lived through a pandemic of the severity of coronavirus.

Psalm 121 is not talking about a global pandemic it does describe a difficult journey some pilgrims were making to Jerusalem to celebrate and to worship God. You can imagine them as they travelled together looking ahead – looking up towards the top of the hill on which Jerusalem was built which they can see reassuringly on the distant hill gradually getting nearer and nearer – longing to get there, anticipating how great it would be to finally reach the Temple so they sing – ‘I lift up my eyes to the hills’ (v1)

Yet their journey it is not without some trepidation and uncertainty for they were travelling through bandit country and up the mountain to Jerusalem. As they travel they realise they need help on the way, guiding them, encouraging them, providing for their needs – so the next part of the song asks the question – v1 ‘where does my help come from?’

A question you may be asking as you read this – Christians today on their pilgrimage through life can be assured by the answer which follows in this Psalm – v2 ‘My help comes from the LORD.’

The basis for turning to God for help is in the Psalm:-

1) because of who God is – He is – v2 ‘the Maker of heaven and earth. Being the maker He knows how heaven and earth are put together, He knows how you and I are put together, He knows what help we need and is able to give it

2) because God is watching over us (v 3 – 6) – is with us during the journey however difficult it becomes as we move forward towards our final destination. God never even has a snooze, never closes His eyes and is always aware no breaks for sleep needed!

3) because God will ensure we will reach our intend destination (v7-8).

What an encouragement this can be as we make our way along the path, up through the boulders, and through the stinging nettles, avoiding the dead ends and false paths as we keep our face fixed on Jesus.

Look up – see Jerusalem, with Jesus on the throne – see His love, forgiveness, and power streaming down to envelope you on your path through life reaching out to embrace you.

Whatever stage you are at in your journey with God – about to start, been a Christian for a few years or for many years then then this Psalm is for you – start out by looking to Jesus and accept the fantastic assurance in the Psalm ends with is for you:

v8 ‘the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.’ NIV

John Hughes © 2020